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Black Nurse Not Allowed to Touch White Baby

By// Mariah Craddick

Just in case we needed more evidence that racism is still very real (and apparent), a Black nurse in Michigan is suing the Hurley Medical Center after it agreed to a father’s request that no African-American nurses care for his child.

According to CNN, Tonya Battle was approached by the man while she was taking care of his child and he proceeded to ask for her supervisor; she abided. Allegedly, the man requested to her superiors that no African-Americans be involved with the baby’s care. According to the lawsuit, the hospital granted his request and Battle was reassigned. The suit also alleges that the man showed her a “swastika of some kind.”

A note even made its way onto the baby’s medical chart, reading: “Please, no African-American nurses to care for…baby per dad’s request.” It was later removed and the staff informed the father that they could no longer honor his request. Still, no African-American nurses were allowed to care for the child.

Battle is seeking compensatory damages for harm to her reputation and emotional stress.