Black Men Need More Education for Jobs?

Credit: iStock Photo

It seems as if the old “go to school, get a degree and you can achieve anything” theory isn’t as valid as we’d like to think.

recent study by an advocacy group indicates that African-American millennial men need two or more levels of education to end up with the same employment prospects as their White counterparts. 

Whereas a White employee who graduated with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree would be fine for a position, a Black employee would have to have a master’s degree or a doctorate.

Black male college graduates have the same employment rate (92.8 percent) as White men who have some college education but no degree (92.5 percent), the report states.

But why? The Young Invincibles found that racial discrimination plays a larger role in employment and economic disparities than many can imagine.

A hopeful prospect of the study found that earning a high school diploma gives Black man a 50 percent higher chance at getting employed, a larger gaining impact than for whites.