Chicago LaQuan McDonald Protests Paying Off?

The police superintendent has been fired and the Magnificent Mile, one of the largest retail strips in Chicago, faced a drop in sales this year, with many crediting Black Friday and other protests demanding justice in the LaQuan McDonald case.

As for the retail retribution, JET was on the scene, camera rolling, and witnessed stores on the historic Michigan Avenue close their doors for most of the day on Friday as activists, community organizers and fed-up residents took to the streets with one common goal: to prevent consumers from shopping and forcing local government to take notice of the outcry. The Chicago Tribune reports store managers and staff  saw a 25-50% drop in projected sales this year.

Protesters have bolted into action since the chilling video was made public, but there have been mixed media reports about what the demonstrators have been doing and saying.

See for yourself.

Check out our footage of the scene, revealing protesters from different organizations and backgrounds (some who clashed early in the procession) but ultimately banded together to fulfill their mutual mission.

Credit: Video by Chan C. Smith