Black Church Reacts To LGBT Unions

In the wake of the Supreme Court granting same-sex marriage, nationwide, Many Voices, a Black church movement for the LGBT justice community applauds their equalizing decision.

In a statement release sent to JET, Rev. Cedric Harmon, co-director for Many Voices, stated, “We are extremely enthusiastic about the protections that will now be available to all loving individuals who want to make a life-long commitment to one another.”

He continued, “This is a significant step in our larger march towards a more equitable society.”

A debate surrounding religion and the LGBT community has been an ongoing theme among community and parishioners. Within this conversation it is often assumed that the Black Christian community is anti-same-sex marriages and unions.

As Many Voices takes a stand with the legalization of same-sex commitments, their hope is to “lead by expressing compassion.”

Ahead of the Supreme Court’s final decision, The Root reports that a group of Black clergy vowed to push back if they didn’t like the ruling.

In response to the same-sex legalization, the Coalition of African-American Pastors (CAAP) held a press conference in Memphis announcing their plans for an act of civil disobedience by members of clergy across the nation.

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From the sound of it, the controversial debate will continue among Black Christian leadership.

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