Gynecologist Gave Bill Cosby Quaaludes

According to an exclusive report on The Washington Post, a popular doctor gave Bill Cosby Quaaludes to give to women he hoped to have sex with.

The paper describes Leroy Amar (who specialized as a gynecologist) as “a Hollywood prescriber” of the pills. The medicine became a popular recreational drug among celebrities and other party people in the 1970s.

Cosby’s access to the drug, known as “disco biscuits,” has drawn renewed attention after a 2005 deposition was released by the Associated Press earlier this month. In the deposition, Cosby revealed that he received seven prescriptions for Quaaludes, all of which were obtained from Amar, prescribed for a sore back.

The drug induces feelings of disorientation and euphoria.

“Did he know when he gave you those prescriptions that you had no intention of taking them?” a lawyer asked Cosby in the 2005 deposition.

“Yes,” the entertainer replied.

“Did you believe at that time that it was illegal for you to dispense those drugs?”

“Yes,” Cosby answered.

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