Report: Baton Rouge Shooter Suffered from PTSD

The man who killed three law enforcement officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana before a SWAT team officer fatally wounded him suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder, CNN reports.

Gavin Long joined the Marine Corps in 2005 and worked as a data network specialist. He served a tour in Iraq before being discharged as a sergeant in 2010.

Long had filled a prescription for the anti-anxiety drug, Ativan in June. An anonymous source who spoke with the media outlet also said he had prescriptions for Valium and Lunesta.

Valium, like Ativan, is a benzodiazepine. It’s a class of medication with sedative properties that are prescribed for anxiety, insomnia and other conditions.

Long’s ambush on Sunday came nearly two weeks after a Baton Rouge police officer shot and killed 37-year-old Alton Sterling. His death, along with 32-year-old Minnesota native Philando Castile just a day later, sparked a series of national protest.

During a protest in Dallas on July 7, a gunman shot and killed five police officers.