Baltimore Teen With $500,000 Bail Released

An 18-year-old Baltimore teen who was arrested and held on $500,000 bail after turning himself in to police is free.

Allen Bullock was one of many protesters who took to the city’s streets a couple of weeks ago in response to the death of Freddie Gray, 25. Bullock made national headlines after his family spotted him in news footage bashing a police car with a traffic cone and urged him to take responsibility for his actions and turn himself in.

He did, and was locked up and given a bail that amounted to more than that of any of the officers charged in Gray’s death.

Bullock remained in jail for 10 days after his arrest in late April before his bail was posted anonymously last Thursday. The Guardian reports that the family does not know who paid the $50,000 minimum bail amount despite crowd-funding efforts to raise money.

The teen told reporters that he still supports the protests, but stated that “not all police” are responsible for Gray’s death.