Baltimore Police Criticized For Gray Tweets

Last week, Baltimore Officer Caesar Goodson became the second of six officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray to go free.

As a result, the city’s police union took to Twitter and posted quite a few insensitive tweets about the decision,The Baltimore Sun reports.

In response to the verdict, the Baltimore Fraternal Order of Police lodge took to the social media outlet Friday evening and posted a photo of Leonardo DiCapario making a toast, with the caption, “Here’s to the Baltimore 6 defense team, the FOP and Detective Taylor.” Saturday morning, an image of City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby with the text, “The Wolf That Lurks” was posted to the lodge’s account.

That particular image first appeared as a cover of a New York police union magazine last October.

Goodson faced the most serious charges out of the six officers for Gray’s death. A Baltimore judge said a lack of evidence was responsible for Goodson’s freedom.

46-year-old Goodson drove the transport van in which Gray sustained fatal injuries.

The tweets sparked outrage from many people online, including Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis, who said Saturday that “Inappropriate, insensitive remarks or attacks that serve to detract from our necessary relationships with our community and criminal justice partners have no place in our City.”

The posts have since been deleted by the union.