Baltimore DA’s Husband To Run For Mayor

Baltimore City Councilman Nick Mosby says he will run for mayor in what will likely become a heated race to replace the embattled Stephanie Rawlings and in the midst of continued tension in the city.

In a city where optics are front and center, the announcement Mosby would run for mayor seems to solidify the couple as a political force. Mosby’s wife, Marilyn, the Baltimore State’s Attorney, stepped on the national stage on April 30, 2015 when she deemed the death of Freddie Gray a homicide. She charged six Baltimore Police Officers with complicity in his death. The charges quelled violence which left stores looted, National Guard Troops on corners and the imposition of a curfew.

The violence occurred in the district her husband represents. He made the announcement in the parking lot of a closed housing project that some called “murder mall.” “Are you willing to fight for better Baltimore?” He implored the crowd.  This was a diverse group made up of stalwart Civil Rights activist, mothers with their children, and white millennials who have moved in to a changing neighborhood.

The 36-year-old joins a crowded field which does not include incumbent Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake. She decided not to seek re-election in the wake of what critics called her mishandling of the riots. Already in the Democratic field is former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon, who resigned in a scandal over gift cards for the cities needy communities. Also on the ballot, was a pair of politicians who’ve run for this office and lost, Baltimore Councilman Carl Stokes and Maryland Senator Katherine Pugh. There are some lesser known candidates but they don’t have the name recognition nor a wife/spouse who’s in appeared in a national magazine and quelled a riot.

Before a packed crowd the former Systems Engineer said he would take his problem solving from “the board room to the corner.” This sentiment was echoed by former Maryland Legislator Shawn Tarrant, “we need a fresh face with fresh ideas.”

Flanked by his wife and two daughters the councilman talked about growing up in a single parent home surrounded by women.  He would meet his future wife at Tuskegee University. When they married they opted not to move into the suburbs but, into an inner city neighborhood that was changing.

When he won his first race in November 2011 his wife was an assistant State Attorney. She would leave the office when her boss was unseated. At his urging, he convinced her to run for State Attorney after a series of rapes went uninvestigated. The councilman used his influence to help her unseat him. He proved to be adapted with getting her before various women’s organizations essentially serving as her campaign manager. He bridged the divide of her being from Boston, a city where people judge you by what high school you attended.

This day however was about her husband. As each waded into the crowd the constant refrain was one where they are seeking help in Nick Mosby’s campaign. “We’re one Baltimore…we don’t care if you’re from [mostly White] Roland Park (a white enclave), or from [mostly Black] Harlem Park.”

Typical of those attending was a grandmother, daughter, and her daughter. “This is her first political rally,” said her mom. The little girl was more intrigued with the broken branches on the ground but the older ladies were excited to hear a different political message.