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‘Bachelor’ discrimination case dismissed

Christopher Johnson and Nathaniel Claybrooks
Christopher Johnson and Nathaniel Claybrooks Were Bachelor Hopefuls.

By//Mariah Craddick

The casting directors at ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are probably taking a huge sigh of relief. A federal judge dismissed a case filed by two Black men, Christopher Johnson and Nathaniel Claybrooks, who claimed the shows discriminated casting people of color during casting.

The plaintiffs filed a lawsuit in April claiming their auditions for the show were never seriously considered because they weren’t White. The Associated Press reported that at the time of the filing, all of the men chosen as ‘The Bachelor” on the show’s first 16 seasons were White. On The Bachelorette, two male Hispanic contestants were selected as winners in the show’s history and the rest were White.

U.S. District Court Judge Aleta Trauger ruled Monday that the First Amendment protected the network’s producers and discontinued the case.

“Ultimately, whatever messages The Bachelor and The Bachelorette communicate or are intended to communicate—whether explicitly, implicitly, intentionally, or otherwise—the First Amendment protects the right of the producers of these shows to craft and control those messages based on whatever considerations the producers wish to take into account,” Trauger wrote in his ruling.

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