Author of ‘Fly Betty’ Chats New Book caught up with Cash Money Books author Treasure Blue to chat about his latest book, Fly Betty.Fly Betty Insert

Explain the concept behind Fly Betty?

Fly Betty is about a young woman, Betty Blaise, a graduate student at Columbia University studying to become psychiatrist. She is exceptionally beautiful and exceptionally intelligent.  She is also in the streets and is street savvy.  She also has a gift.  She attracts men and can practically get anything she wants from them without ever having to take off her clothes. It’s a mind game that she plays with them.

Annabelle Blaise, Betty’s mother, because of past transgressions, developed “The Blaise Diary,” stringent and detailed ‘rules.’ Rules about the minds of men and rules to the game of life, not to be broken for anything, namely and especially, love.

Her targets are young millionaire sports figures and entertainers.  She gets them wrapped around her finger and they never see it coming. Once she gets into their heads they will do anything she asks.

What do you hope readers take away from the book?

We are human, imperfect people trying to be perfect. In our society today, image has become everything, and mediocrity has become a sin. I look around at many young women today. Many resort to plastic surgery or wear next to nothing just to “fit in” [and] to me that is low-self esteem and insecurity. I want to empower young woman and girls that beauty first starts from within. There is nothing more beautiful than a smart woman.  Also, character and class are even more greatest beautiful to behold.

How do you find time to write and to see your books through to completion?

I’m a old dog now and very much set in my ways. I’m settled. I write all the time. I rarely leave my house if I’m not touring or doing some signings. So, writing and promoting is the highlight of my day. Believe it or not, with all the novels and stories I’ve written, it is still a satisfying feeling of achievement, and victory to finish a novel. I love it.

What advice do you have for African American authors?

-To write from their heart and never from their heads.

-Good writers have many dark secrets, but great writers are willing to give them up and write about them.

– If they write for the sheer love, passion and craft for words, they will never be disappointed, but if they come in for the fortune and fame, they will almost always be disappointed.