Aunt Jemima Heirs Case Falls Flat

Two men, claiming to be the heirs of the real life “Aunt Jemima” — Anna Short Harrington — have lost their case for $3 billion in royalties from the corporations who have made bank of the Jemima brand.

D. W. Hunter and Larnell Evans, Jr. claimed they were great-grandsons of Harrington, who played Aunt Jemima from 1935 until the 1950s. They were suing PepsiCo, Quaker Oats and two other companies for royalties they felt Harrington had been swindled out of during her time as the face of the brand. According to TMZ, the men’s only evidence of relation to Harrington was an old photo their grandmother once gave them, that, incidentally, the men no longer possessed. The men also said they tried to find Harrington’s grave in Syracuse, NY.

With such flimsy evidence, the judge threw out the case.

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