August Wilson Center Sold for Under $2000

The August Wilson Center for African American Culture has sadly struggled with financial support throughout its five-year existence.

Named in honor of Pulitzer-Prize winning playwright, August Wilson, the center, located on Liberty Avenue in Downtown Pittsburgh, opened its doors in 2009 to great reception with hopes that the immaculate theater, dance and music space would provide an avenue for rebuilding and transforming the city.

Unfortunately, the thrill was short-lived and attendance suffered causing a plunge in budget deficits. The struggles led to a judge-approved decision to sell the building in order to settle the mortgage default and various debts totaling close to 10-million dollars.

The center and property are now under ownership of Dollar Bank who made the purchase for $1,912.50 at a sheriff’s sale, on Monday.

There were no other bidders during the public auction.

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