Attorney Jailed for Wearing BLM Button

Attorney Andrea Burton was sentenced to five days in jail for wearing what she described as a nickle-sized button with the slogan, “Black Lives Matter.”

Burton intends on appealing the decision, handed down by Youngstown Municipal Court Judge Robert Millich, WFMJ reports.

Burton, who is African American, told reporters that there were no complaints when she wore the button to court on Wednesday. However, an individual in the prosecutor’s office told the court that they took offense to the display.

Two days later, Judge Millich called Bruton into his chambers asking her to remove the button, and demanded that she remain neutral.

Burton respectfully declined to remove the button, claiming that it was partially hidden by her jacket.

Judge Millich then brought her back in open court and sentenced her to five days in jail for contempt.

After she was handcuffed and transported to jail, an NAACP representative showed up along with Burton’s attorney. They requested that Judge Millich to reverse her sentence. At first the judge refused, but later freed Burton pending further court action.

The Ohio law Burton is accused of violating reads, “A court, or judge at chambers, may summarily punish a person guilty of misbehavior in the presence of or so near the court or judge as to obstruct the administration of justice.”

Burton says she wasn’t trying to offend anyone. The attorney wants people to pay attention to injustice, and feels the button represents a legitimate expression of her free speech.