AT&T President Fired For Racist Text

We’ve been focused on covering the heartbreaking tragedy, and subsequent community call-on-the-carpet, in Baltimore, but let’s not let this item slip through the news cycle.

As your grandma and ‘nem used to say, what’s done in the dark, soon comes to light. Such is the case with one of AT&T’s Presidents or shall I say former president, Aaron Slator.

An AT&T spokesperson confirmed to the Business Insider via written statement, that Slator, the subject of a lawsuit, after a racially charged text message using the “n” word was discovered on his phone, has been fired. TMZ broke this alarming story.

The text message displays the caption “It’s Friday [N-word]” while showing a Black child dancing. The image was described as an “oldie but a goodie.”

In addition to the dancing child, a photo of “a less-than flattering” picture of a Black woman standing on a subway, was also found on Slator’s phone. Both images are included as evidence in the lawsuit.

The pink slip comes amid a lawsuit filed by Knoyme King, an African American woman who worked with the company for 30 years, against AT&T executives, Randall Stephenson (Chairman/CEO), Aaron Slator (President), Joyce Roche (Board Member), and current and former executives, John Stankey, Daniel York, Jeff Weber, and Ryan Smith.

In the suit, filed by her attorney in Los Angeles Superior Court, King states that she has been the target of racial and age discrimination. King is 50-years-old. She seeks $100 million in damages.

Adding fuel to the racial fire, once King complained to upper management, she claims she was met with a substantial cover-up-keep-quiet fee. The exact amount is undisclosed. But Slator was then promoted and received a raise.

We’ll keep an eye on this…it’s getting hot!