Aryan Nation Inmate Threatens OJ Simpson’s Life

Disgraced superstar O.J. Simpson continues to make the news for all the most unfortunate reasons. This time it’s a report that the ex-NFL-baller-turned-incarcerated got into an argument with a fellow inmate, who happens to be a white supremacist. The altercation ended with the racist threatening his life.

Simpson, who is currently serving time in a Nevada prison, mixed it up with reported Aryan Nation member Travis “Blu” Waugh, 51, after the 67-year-old Simpson allegedly cut in front of Waugh while in line for medication.

From The Daily Mail:

“This guy was standing in line waiting for his medications when OJ comes along and cuts in line — like he always does,” an eyewitness tells Daily Mail Online.  “But this dude was not having it and told OJ to take his ugly black a** to back of the line and wait like everybody else.”

“OJ jumped in his face and yelled, “F*** you man. I’m gonna stay right here and your a** ain’t gonna do nothing about it.”

“The guy pushed OJ and yelled back: “Get in line a**hole and wait your turn. I’m not gonna tell ya again.”

“OJ fell against the wall and was able to catch himself before he fell to the floor but he was in a lot of pain because of his bad knee.”

From there, The Daily Mail reports that things only got more heated. Simpson ended up allegedly spitting in Waugh’s face resulting in several inmates having to hold both Simpson and Waugh back. Eventually guards broke up the melee, sent  Simpson back to his cell and dragged Waugh away, who then shouted out his death threat at Simpson.

Says the eyewitness: ‘While the guy was dragged away he looked back and screamed; ‘I am going to make it my mission to kill you n****r a**. You will not leave here alive – do you hear me!’And then he made a symbol with his hands of shooting a gun at OJ.

‘Of course, being arrogant OJ just laughed at him in his face but later asked his friendlier fellow inmates if they knew that guy and if he really had the juice to make something happen.

Simpson, a 1968 Heisman trophy winner now better known for escaping a double-homicide conviction in 1995 than for escaping NFL defensive linemen, is currently in prison due to a 2008 robbery conviction. He is up for parole in 2017.