Ariel Castro Mentally Stable to Stand Trial

By//Andrea Watson

A judge ruled Wednesday that the Cleveland man, who is charged with kidnapping three women and holding them captive for a decade is fit to stand trial.

Ariel Castro, 52, took an examination last week to determine if he was mentally able to fully comprehend the charges made against him. Cuyahoga County Judge Michael Russo said Castro is fine and he can assist attorneys in his defense without a problem.

There is talk of possibly seeking the death penalty, prosecutor Selah Awadallah said. The discussion will take place July 11. Castro faces aggravated murder charges due to allegations that he deliberately ended one of the captive’s pregnancy through starvation and punching her in the stomach, causing her to have a miscarriage.

He was arrested May 6, after one of the women made it out to seek help. Neighbor Charles Ramsey heard the cry for help and saved the women.

The trial date is set for Aug. 5, but the judge said there is possibility it could get delayed. There is another hearing scheduled for July 24.