MLK Assassination Image Used in Anti-Trump Ad

Iconic photographer Bob Adelman shares his thoughts on the Civil Rights Movement and historic photos.
Photo Credit: Bob Adelman

Political ads are bound to hit below the belt, and a recent anti-Trump ad isn’t holding back any punches.

The ad, “Trump: Make America Hate Again,” shows a series of images overlaying its frames. One of them is a subtle glimpse of the iconic photograph of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s entourage pointing in the direction of James Earl Ray, the man convicted of assassinating him.

The photo appears in the background of video showing a Trump supporter punching Black protesters, with Trump himself recalling the good “old days” when activists were severely injured or killed. In the clip one man explicitly threatens to murder an anti-Trump protester.

“Donald Trump is running a campaign powered by fear and hatred,” the ad’s YouTube description states. “He’s fearmongered about refugees and maligned Muslims and immigrants as murderous criminals set on destroying the country.”

Watch the ad below.

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