Anthony Hill’s Family Launches Investigation



The family of an unarmed, mentally ill black man shot dead by police earlier this month have launched their own investigation into his death. Anthony Hill’s relatives announced the probe Wednesday while visiting the suburban Atlanta apartment complex where the 27-year-old war veteran was killed on March 9.

Hill’s death is among what appears to be a growing number of killings in the country of unarmed black men involving white police officers.

“I want to find the truth,” said Hill’s mother, Carolyn Baylor-Giummo told Reuters. “I don’t want this swept under the rug.” Hill was naked and behaving oddly when police say he ran at an officer who gave him orders to stop. Witnesses say his hands were raised before he was shot twice in the chest.

Hill was a U.S. Air Force veteran who served in Afghanistan before returning to the states. His family describes him as a “gentle soul” who read the Bible and had “Be Sensible” tattooed on his chest. According to Hill’s relatives, he apparently experienced a mental breakdown at the time of his death.

Hill’s family suspects that he may have stopped using the medication he was taking for his condition after being discharged from the military in 2013. His death is under investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.