Anthony Davis Wears ‘That’s All Folks’ Shirt to Pelicans Final Game

Anthony Davis Wears 'That's All Folks' Shirt to Pelicans Final Game
Anthony Davis of USA Team at FIBA World Cup basketball match between USA and Mexico (Photo credit: Natursports /

Anthony Davis has been a hot topic over the course of the current NBA season. From requesting a trade from the New Orleans Pelicans to rumored trade deals with the Los Angeles Lakers, questions about where the forward will be spending the 2019-2020 season have been swirling for months.

Adding fuel to the growing speculation, Davis wore a shirt that read, “That’s All Folks” to the Pelicans final home game of the season on Tuesday.

According to Sports Illustrated, Davis told reporters his future with the Pelicans was contingent on who the team brought in as a general manager after Dell Demps was fired earlier this year.

Although the shirt appeared to allude to Davis’ departure from the team, he claims he wore it out of his appreciation for the Looney Tunes. “I saw some stuff. Well, I heard some stuff actually. Heard some stuff about Space Jam, I heard some stuff about [how] this is a shot at the Pelicans, ‘Oh, this is his last game.’ I heard it all, but it doesn’t matter to me,” he said.

Despite the speculation, Davis claims he had an “amazing” time playing with the Pelicans for the first seven years of his career.