Anthony D. Clark Dies During Traffic Stop

A 24-year-old Detroit man died just two blocks away from his father’s church after police officers stopped him, allegedly because his car had tinted windows. Anthony D. Clark Reed’s father, Pastor Kevin Clark, is demanding answers.

“I am devastated,” Clark said according to Voice of Detroit.In a short time I have to bury my only son. This was definitely racial profiling. My son is 6’2″ tall, and was driving a new Dodge Charger, right around the corner from my church. My son died on W. Vernor at the hands of the Detroit police.”

Clark said he spoke with a witness who saw six police cars at the scene after his son’s body had been taken away. All of the doors and the car’s trunk were open, suggesting that a search of the vehicle took place.

Clark said Detroit Police Department Lt. Mills contacted him two days after his son’s death to read him the police report. He has yet to receive a written copy. Clark also does not know the names of the officers involved.

“They said they pulled him over because it looked like he was doesn’t something under his seat,” Clark said. “I asked, don’t you realize he was probably looking for his inhaler because he has asthma? The first thing he said was ‘I can’t breathe.’ They yanked him out of the car, shortened his breath more, and increased his heart rate. That’s why he died.”

According to the police report, the officers found Clark’s inhaler, gave him two quick puffs and performed CPR until EMS arrived when the medication failed to work. He could not be resuscitated.

No local media outlets reported the incident the night Clark died. His aunt called Channel 7 from New York to get a brief broadcast on that station.

Clark said it was amazing to him that there was no news coverage at all the night his son died, and that it took his son’s aunt calling Channel 7 from New York to get a brief broadcast on that station.

Clark’s relatives held a candlelit vigil for him at the Springwells Baptist Church for him on April 1. Funeral arrangements for Clark are pending completion of autopsies.