Kid Entrepreneurs Shine Big on ‘Shark Tank’

Two “kidpreneurs” are celebrating big gains after landing the backing of not one, but two infamous “sharks” after appearing on Shark Tank.

With the help of their mom, Viara Iyadunni, sisters Madison Star, 12, and Mallory Iyana, 10, started Angels and Tomboys after being bored senseless with their body care products.

“We had this cool idea to make everyday products that girls use fun,” the duo told JET. “We came up with fun names, characters and unique fragrances for these products and pitched the idea to our mom. She loved it and the rest is history in the making.”

The girls’ handmade body lotions and sprays were such a hit that they were asked to appear on Shark Tank. 

“We were invited to apply and we did!” the girls exclaimed. “We stood in front of lots of tough judges in dance competitions but these faces were different. These faces meant business. We were either going to SINK or SWIM and we came to SWIM.”

The girls were such a hit that they gained financial backing from multi-millionaire business moguls Daymond John and Mark Cuban.

While landing two sharks is a grand achievement, the girls aren’t stopping there.

“We would love to land a spot in a big box retail outlet then eventually open our very own Angels and Tomboys store,” the girls said. “We hope to be a global brand.”

Check out the girls on Shark Tank in the clip below starting around minute 37.

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