Woman Kicked Off Plane for ‘Flying While Black?’

A supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement claims she was booted from an American Airlines aircraft and banned from flying with the commercial airline for “flying while Black.”

Imani Cezanne posted the accusations on Twitter early Monday as she detailed the Mar. 26 incident.

Cezanne claimed she was escorted off the plane because a flight attendant felt threatened by the Black Lives Matter shirt she was wearing.   

In an emailed statement sent to JET, American Airlines said that “an unruly passenger was removed from American Eagle Flight 5192, operated by PSA Airlines, from CLT to ATL due to failure to comply with crew member instructions. The passenger refused to exit aircraft when asked, so local law enforcement was called.”

The airline has plans to “work with the customer to resolve the issue.” The company also said it “values diversity and we do not discriminate for any reason.”

Check back for updates.

  • Brian

    Funny how the true story has nothing to do with "Black Lives Matter" but instead with a trouble maker. She should take responsibility for her own actions and apologize for lying

    • Granny Riot

      can you please substantiate that claim? I've been googling this story for awhile without finding any indication that she is lying. Are you saying you were on the flight?

      • wow

        top kek granny. you find any indications she's telling the truth? pretty bold statement that should be backed up by quit a bit more than hearsay. I've been falling the story as well and have seen literally NOTHING concrete in either direction.

  • Drew

    I had no idea racism was still around until the Ferguson account & black lives matter came about. I have worked in the air conditioning biz since the late 70s. 90% of our customers are white. I haven't heard a racist remark in decades. Unfortunately now I have to hear it quite often.

    • Mike

      When one considers that Black Lives Matter was formed in the wake of Ferguson- and that most of what people think they know about Ferguson is false, can we really be surprised?

  • Nancy

    Common sense would tell you that it isn't logical that a passenger would be removed simply for "being black." There are thousands of passengers a day that take planes and I am sure several of them support BLM. AA would opening themselves up to a lawsuit to toss her because they didn't like her shirt. Fortunately, there are surely witnesses who can backup AA side of the side of the story. It's sad how fast people want to believe in a racial motivation nowadays.

  • Sinoi

    I'd like to hear more….both sides were scritpic with their explanations…what did they asked her to comply with, how was her reaction to their request? That sort of thing…what kind of journalism is this…not much to the story and leaving way too much out. Gives people too much room to allow their own biases to interpret the story.