‘America the Beautiful’ vs. America, the Ignorant

Our digital content editor shares her thoughts on Coca-Cola's Super Bowl commercial featuring a multilingual version of "America the Beautiful."

While watching the Super Bowl Sunday night with my fiancé and his co-workers, there was one commercial in particular that caught our attention.

Coca-Cola produced a commercial with “America the Beautiful” being sung in different languages. Quite simply, I thought it was very beautiful and touching.

Others, however, did not agree.

As soon as the commercial was over, we all had the same thought: “this is going to piss off a lot of [narrow-minded] people.” And for what, really?

Because Coke decided to have people of various languages singing a patriotic song. If you missed it, you can watch it here:

Just as we suspected, shortly after the commercial aired the ignorant tweets started rolling in with the hashtag #SpeakEnglish and #F*ckCoke. You can check out some of them in this Deadspin post. Please especially note the ignoramus who called “America the Beautiful” the national anthem.

You sir, are just uneducated on all types of levels.

If Coke’s commercial somehow offended you, or you thought it was unpatriotic, you need to get a grip. Simple as that.

America is not White. America is not Black. Everyone doesn’t necessarily speak English. And, in my opinion, that’s what makes America beautiful. This country is a rainbow of cultures, languages, ethnicities, races, and religions.

Then again, these are probably the same people who were upset about the Cheerios commercials featuring the interracial family.

In other words, these people need to get a life and more culture. #ThatIsAll