Amazon in Talks to Buy RadioShack Stores

Amazon may soon be expanding it’s retail services to brick-and-mortar stores.

As RadioShack reportedly heads towards bankruptcy, the e-commerce company is considering buying some of it’s stores to showcase Amazon products and provide pick-up and drop-off sites for customers, according to Bloomberg.

Amazon has recently shown signs of a shift with its occasional pop-up stores and reports of a store to open in New York, which never surfaced.

But Amazon isn’t the only corporation interested in RadioShack. Sprint hopes to negotiate a sale, too.

RadioShack has struggled significantly in the past two years as its shares have dropped by 13 percent since November.  Additionally, the 92-year-old business was suspended from the New York Stock Exchange after failing to submit a business plan to address its non compliance with the NYSE’s listing standards – a $50 million market average per month.

Nevertheless. if a deal closes, Amazon will open its first ever physical storefronts.