Albany, N.Y., Students Claim Racial Attack on Bus


Albany, N.Y., police are investigating allegations of a racial assault and harassment against three Black female students on a city bus, early Saturday morning.

The Albany Times-Union reports the three students, who each attend the University of Albany told authorities they boarded the bus past midnight on Saturday when an argument started between them and a group 10-12 White males and females. The three women said they were called several racial slurs and a fight broke out. One of the women said she was kicked by several men when she fell to the floor of the bus.

The students got off the bus at a campus bus stop and sought treatment at a nearby hospital for minor injuries. Police responded to a call about the incident around 1:20 a.m., on the campus.

University of Albany president Robert Jones said in an e-mail to students that if those responsible for the alleged attack were UAlbany students, the school would “hold them fully accountable for their behavior.”

However, by the time Jones’ communication went out to students, many knew of it through various social media channels. UAlbany sophomore Nigel Pura-Bryant told the Times-Union he was disappointed to hear that fellow passengers showed inaction during the incident. “Living here, it hits closer to home,” Pura-Bryant said. “Hopefully justice is served.”

The city buses are equipped with cameras and transit officials say police have asked to view footage of the incident. “At this point I don’t have all of the details of what did or did not happen on the bus,” said Capital District Transportation Authority spokeswoman Jaime Watson. “It’s not something that CDTA wants happening on the buses and we hope to get more details soon.”