Police Raid Charlo Greene’s Marijuana Club

Charlene Egbe, aka Charlo Greene, made news headlines when she famously quit her KTVA reporting job in September.

After stating that she was the owner of the Alaska Cannibus Club and dropping the ‘F-bomb’, she walked off the set as if she had no care in the world.

Welp, Egbe is back in the headlines because her Marijuana club was raided by police over the weekend.

As reported by KTVA, the club is under a criminal investigation and Egbe, along with six others, stood by as authorities rummaged through the club and impounded two vehicles in the process.

According to Egbe, the establishment is a medical marijuana dispensary and does not sell any recreational marijuana – medical or not.

Combating Egbe’s statement, an APD spokeswoman claimed that reports of “illegal marijuana and other derivatives” at the Cannibus Club were received.

Read the full report, here.