Univ. of Alabama Student Threatens Black Peer

You would think by now racists would get the memo to keep their disgusting remarks to themselves. But, here we are again.

Recently, Ryan Parish, a University of Alabama student threatened to kill one of his fellow students who just happens to be Black. To make matters worse, not only does Parish have a photo of himself in his Facebook profile, but it also lists his location, university and even the department he is studying in.

It didn’t take long for Parish’s comments to hit Twitter. The university’s Twitter account received a slew of messages asking whether or not they condone his remarks.

While the school has yet to issue a statement, it probably won’t be long before they take action against the young man who threatened to “kill a n-gga.”

While Parish’s comments are deplorable, what makes matters worse is his major–pre-law. Our legal system is already rife with racial injustice and disparities, so having Parish–and his offensive comments–included in the the system would only aggravate its already difficult issues.

Take a peek below at the student’s initial remarks. Sadly, it seems this type of behavior might also be common at the university.