Aja Brown Wins Second Term As Mayor of Compton!

Photo Credit: L.A. Sentinel

If you’ve never heard of Aja Brown, it’s best to get familiar with this rising political star. She just won a second term as mayor of Compton, Calif. At the age of 35, Brown is the youngest mayor in the city’s history.

She was first elected in 2013, and this time around she went up against former Mayor Omar Bradley after he forced a runoff in the April primaries.

After a strong campaign in which Brown highlighted her accomplishments and also noted how far the city still needs to go, she won 60 percent of the vote.

Brown reminded voters that Bradley was convicted of misusing city funds. His conviction was thrown out on an appeal, but he is now facing a retrial.

“I’m excited to get the next phase of our work done,”

said Brown from her watch party.