‘Affluenza’ Teen Investigated for Drinking

A Tarrant County, Texas forensics team, along with the District Attorney’s Office is currently investigating a video circulating on Twitter that allegedly shows “Affluenza” teen Ethan Couch at a party where people were playing beer pong.

Couch was sentenced to 10 years probation after driving drunk and fatally hitting four people in 2013. He was 16 at the time, and a judge sentenced him to treatment and probation due to “Affluenza,” a condition described as not knowing the consequences of your actions due to benefiting from extreme wealth and privilege.

If found to have been consuming alcohol at the party, Couch would be in violation of the terms of his probation, which includes not drinking alcohol.

The video shows beer cans stacked up as a guy with a ping pong ball leaps onto a table lined with cups. A young man, presumably Couch, 18, is seen laughing at the antics. A user by the name of @BlondeSpectre (Hannah Hardee) tweeted this video.

She says she wasn’t at the party and did not shoot the video.

“No, I did not,” Hardee told WFAA. “I found it on Twitter, and saved it and reposted it.”

Hardee says the video is from Oct. 4. It was removed from Twitter after she saved it. An acquaintance who was at the party identified Couch as the spectator in the video.

Check back for updates.