Adrian Peterson’s Son Dies

The 2-year old son of Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson has passed away. Earlier Friday, the toddler was listed in critical condition at a Sioux Falls, South Dakota hospital after suffering alleged abuse.

Joseph Robert Patterson, who was watching the boy, has been charged with aggravated assault and aggravated assault on an infant for harming a child who was in his care.

Patterson, the boyfriend of the child’s mother, according to TMZ, made a call to 911 on Wednesday to report a choking. But at the hospital, Lt. Blaine Larsen of the Sioux Falls Police Department said it became clear that the boy’s injuries were not accidental.

Peterson missed practice on Thursday to be with his family and is still expected to play in Sunday’s game versus the Carolina Panthers.

The aggressor, who has a history of violence, according to USA Today, appeared in court Friday in Lincoln County. His bond had been set at $750,000 in cash prior to the boy’s death.