Ad with cartoon president rejected in South Africa

South African president Jacob Zuma, in front of a portrait of former African National Congress president Oliver Tambo, addresses foreign correspondents at a breakfast in Johannesburg, Monday, Oct. 29, 2012. Zuma said that the freedom of expression needs to be balanced to the right to dignity and privacy to all South Africans after he agreed to withdraw a defamation case against a newspaper cartoonist who depicted him poised to rape Lady Justice. (AP Photo/Andrew Meldrum)

JOHANNESBURG — South Africa’s national broadcaster has rejected an advertisement featuring a cartoon version of President Jacob Zuma enjoying a bargain fast-food dinner of fish and chips.

The advertisement takes place inside a mansion named after his family’s rural home that’s received $23 million in state-funded renovations.

The ad had been scheduled to air Monday night on SABC, but the television broadcaster declined to show it. Kaizer Kganyago, a spokesman for SABC, says the broadcaster refused to air the ad as its officials believed it implied Zuma himself lent his credibility to the food deal.

The advertisement for Fish and Chips Co. that SABC declined to air, however, merely adds to a number of spots recently designed to play on ethnic or political divisions to spark controversy — and free publicity.

— Associated Press