Watch: Activist Joseph Kent Arrested

After Baltimore’s curfew was enacted last night, things appeared to calm down a bit.

But not before CNN captured the shocking arrest of a well-respected demonstrator.

During a segment for the network, Joseph Kent is seen with his hands up, telling the media to disperse. Just a short while later, a National Guard vehicle drove forward and officers in riot gear rushed Kent. Much of the encounter was obstructed by the humvee, but it is clear that Kent was scooped up inside of it.


The 21-year-old activist gained notoriety last year for his role in Baltimore protests of events happening in Ferguson, Mo.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo described the events:

He wasn’t almost hit by that armored vehicle. They drove the vehicle up and when it got close enough to create a wedge, they ran out an grabbed him, pinned him against that and arrested him. They must have perceived, rightly or wrongly, that he was part of this group that was throwing things at them. When he tried to come up the street the first time with his hands up, they were shooting the pepper bullets at him, and he ran back with this other group. He then reapproached again—they let him come, he came across, he told all of the media, “You need to disperse” when, again, this curfew is not about us, it’s about whoever was creating unrest last night. And then, as he was walking back and forth, the humvee came and they used it as an opportunity, and he’s being taken into custody right now, apparently.

Baltimore attorney Stephen Beatty tweeted early Wednesday that Kent was safe:

Beatty is willing to represent Kent pro bono, according to Mashable. 

Watch the shocking incident here: