Action Item: Save this Super Dad

Credit: Creatas

So, you know we’re not about to let this man go to jail without exposing this lunacy right?

This Houston father, Clifford Hall says he was only trying to make sure he was properly financing his son’s expenses is now on the lam for…um…overpaying for child support?  And get this: Over visiting his child?  Pardon our grammar, but: Where they do that at?

As horribly as the mainstream media, and sadly, some of our own people portray Black dads despite evidence to the contrary, this cannot happen.

Watch the FULL STORY and let’s continue to follow and keep pressure on it.  And of course, use your own discretion but, with the help of this Fox reporter Randy Wallace, got in touch with Hall’s legal counsel who said they are working to change the laws that affected this situation.

If you wish to donate, here’s where to send it, according to lawyer Tyesha Elam who is working with the Black United Fund of Texas on the Dreydon Hall project:

Black United Fund of Texas

P.O. BOX 10966


Watched it?  What do you think?