Action Item: Help Jackie Robinson West Player

While the city of Chicago (and the nation) is still feeling the good vibrations from Jackie Robinson West’s rise to Little League World Series U.S. champions,  there is a part of their narrative that isn’t so uplifting.

A Sun-Times story details how one member of the team essentially returns as a champ, but seemingly, without a home.  An excerpt:

“Since June, 12-year-old Jaheim Benton has lived one step away from the shelters and the streets — sleeping in the homes of friends and family, said his mother, Devona Benton, 46.”

Oh no….we cannot let this stand.  JET is on the lookout for any organization or group of individuals who, maybe even via a crowd funding campaign, will right this wrong.  If we are really rallying around these young Black boys who are doing their nation proud, we have to go all the way…as they did.

Let us know what efforts are afoot, and we’ll use this platform to get the message out.

Update at 11:54 a.m. CST: Chicago funeral home owners step up to help by offering the family rent assistance for a year, CBS2 reports.

Let’s keep the good news coming!