Action Item: Demand Justice for Renisha McBride

Community activists in Metro Detroit are demanding justice for slain teen Renisha McBride.

McBride, 19, was allegedly killed by a homeowner after she sought help following a car accident. Police reports state that McBride was shot in the back of her head with a shotgun as she left the homeowner’s porch. Her family members believe she was a victim of racial profiling.

Dearborn Heights police are reportedly “seeking unspecified charges against the homeowner, who has yet to be identified,” according to a press release.

Author and activists dream hampton and Yusef Shakur are organizing Thursday’s protest at the Dearborn Heights Police Department beginning at 6 p.m. EST at 25637 Michigan Ave, Dearborn Heights.  JET encourages you to participate if you are in the area to seek justice for this woman and her family.

“We are outraged and demand to know this man’s identity,” hampton says in the release. “He doesn’t deserve to have his identity protected and we demand his arrest.”


  • Barbara Smalls

    On October19,2013, The Nassau County police, came to my home without a warrant, and arrested my son, on a domestic violence complaint. They charged, into my home without permission, and handcuffed him. They didnot show identification, now did they announce they were police officers. We had to dial 911. Now they are alleging that my son assaulted them.

    It has become, open season on blacks.My deepest sympathy, to the family, and I hope you get the justice you seek.