Acquitted Cop Who Kicked Man in Face Resigns

A Delaware police officer who was acquitted for kicking a Black man in the face has resigned.

Dover Police Cpl. Thomas Webster was charged with felony assault in the Aug. 2013 arrest that occurred while he was on duty. In Dec. 2015, he was acquitted.

According to investigators, Webster contacted a man, later identified as Lateef Dickerson, who matched the description of one of the people involved in a fight. Webster attempted to take Dickerson into custody, and that’s where things escalated.

Police said Webster, along with another officer, held Dickerson at gunpoint, ordered him to get on the ground and then Webster kicked him once in the head. Dickerson was knocked unconscious as a result of the blow.

He was taken into custody, and the incident was captured by a Dover Police Department video recording system.

Dickerson was also taken to the hospital for injuries. He was found to have a broken jaw, according to police.

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