A New Rule for Cleveland Cops

The Cleveland Police Department has reached a groundbreaking settlement with the Department of Justice. The department will now “follow some of the most exacting standards in the nation over how and when its officers can use force,” the New York Times reports.

The new standards will require all officers to make a report of every time they unholster their firearm. Officers must explicitly report why they felt lethal force was justifiable to superiors.

Officers are also prohibited from using force to punish criminal suspects for talking back or running away, pistol-whipping people or firing warning shots, according to the new rules.

In addition to the above changes, the city’s stun guns will be digitally monitored, and police will be held accountable every time they use them.

An investigation conducted by the Department of Justice accused Cleveland police of a number of offenses, including the use of deadly force and “retaliatory” use of non-lethal weaponry.

Departments across the country are taking a deeper look at the practices of its law enforcement members. Hopefully these changes will result in less incidents of police brutality.