9/11 Heroes Run Set in Memory of Fallen Soldiers

The Travis Manion Foundation will host its annual 9/11 Heroes Run this weekend.

The race will seek to reunite the community in recognition and remembrance of the heroes from the September 11 attacks and the wars fought since.

Inspired by Marine 1st Lt. Travis Manion, the 9/11 Heroes Run series is a tribute to Manion’s personal commitment to never forget the heroes of that day. Manion was killed by a sniper in Iraq in April 2007. Before his final deployment, he visited Rescue One in New York City, and returned with a deeper commitment to why he was fighting in Iraq.

“Knowing that so many people gave their lives during the 9/11 attacks touched my brother Travis in a way that would forever change him,” said Ryan Manion, President of Travis Manion Foundation in a statement. “Six years after 9/11, my brother also gave his life for his country, so every year we gather communities together to run a 5K to honor the fallen. We are looking forward to this exciting race season and uniting people around the world to remember those whose service has given us freedom.”

Proceeds from the 9/11 Heroes Run will benefit the Travis Manion Foundation, which offers veterans and families of the fallen support when seeking to achieve their goals.

To learn more and to register for a race in your area, visit