86-Year-Old Jewel Thief Arrested in Georgia

An 86-year-old internationally-known jewelry thief was arrested Tuesday for shoplifting at an upscale mall north of Atlanta.

Doris Payne, who was arrested by Dunwoody (Ga.) Police, has a criminal career that spans at least two continents and five decades.  She was attempting to steal a $2,000 bracelet from Von Maur at Perimeter Mall at the time of her arrest.

Payne was arrested a little more than a year ago when she was caught slipping a pair of $700 earrings in her pocket at Saks Fifth Avenue in Atlanta’s Buckhead district.

Payne’s five decade spree and 20+ arrests in countries around the world, including Greece, France, Britain and Switzerland, have garnered her celebrity status among thieves.

In fact, Payne’s antics made her the subject of, The Life and Crimes of Doris Payne, a documentary available on Netflix.

For years, Payne has lifted pricey baubles from countless jewelry stores around that world. Court papers filed in Atlanta reference six cases prior to the alleged theft last year, that date back to 1999.

Authorities have said she has used at least 22 aliases during her crime spree. In a jailhouse interview with The Desert Sun in 2014, Payne said she started her career as a thief by stealing watches in an effort to save her mother from an abusive relationship.

She admitted to continuing into her golden years to finance her glamorous lifestyle.