7-year-old Creates Afro Puff Super Hero

A 7-year-old girl has used her creativity to promote a positive self-image and the importance of reading.

Natalie McGriff, with the help of her mom Angie Nixon, wrote “The Adventures of Moxie Girl!” The book centers around Moxie, a Black girl who hates her hair. But after using some magical shampoo, her afro puffs develop super powers, which she uses to fight for literacy, saving public libraries from a pack of hungry monsters looking to gobble it up.


Nixon said she hoped the book would help her daughter feel better about herself.

“I decided to help Natalie write this book because she was having self-esteem issues regarding her hair and she hated to read,” Angie said in a statement submitted to the New Pittsburgh Courier. “She now realizes how powerful and awesome her hair is and that in order for her to write a cool book, she needs to read more books and learn different words.”

Natalie’s comic book was among 530 entries at One Spark, a huge crowd-funding festival in Jacksonville, Florida. Attendees pay an entry fee then vote on how money should be dispersed to projects. Natalie’s comic won by three votes, claiming a prize of more than $16,000.

Black girls do indeed, rock.