6-year-old Girl Handcuffed At School

A Chicago mother is outraged after discovering that her 6-year-old daughter was placed in handcuffs while at school.

Marlena Wordlaw said her 6-year-old daughter Madisyn Moore was pulled out of class at Fernwood Elementary for taking candy off of a teacher’s desk.

According to Wordlaw, her daughter was handcuffed under some stairs by a security guard at the school to teach her a lesson.

“They hurted,” Moore told NBC Chicago. “He snatched me out of my class. He made me get out in my handcuffs.”

Wordlaw, who showed up a little under an hour after getting the call that Madisyn had gotten in trouble, said she discovered her child in the undesired position.

“I said ‘why you have my baby in cuffs?’ He said, ‘because I’m trying to teach them to stop taking stuff that don’t belong to them’.”

“When he pulled her from under stairs she was crying,” Wordlaw said. “He told me ‘I’m doing my job, I’m trying to teach her a lesson’.”

Wordlaw said the principal apologized for the incident, but she did not accept it. CPS has not commented in the situation.