$51K Raised for Tamir Rice’s Mother

It’s been five months since Ohio police fatally shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice as he played in a local park near his home.

The stress has caused his mother to give up her place of residence and move into a local shelter because she just cannot stomach living just a few feet from her son’s final place of breath.

But Samaria Rice isn’t alone. Responding to the grieving mother’s plea for a fresh start, supporters raised $51,945 to help the Rice family.

Due to delays in the criminal investigation, Rice continues to accrue additional legal expenses. The online campaign hopes to offset those cost, and provide funds for Rice to stay in a new place.

Samaria moved into a homeless shelter last week.

“Emotionally, she just could not take it, and she had nowhere else to go,” Rice’s attorney Walter Madison told Cleveland Scene of Rice’s decision. “It was more comfortable for her in a shelter than it would have been in her own home.”

The police officers involved in the case have requested that the family put off its federal civil rights lawsuit.

Tamir has yet to be buried because additional medical examinations could be required as part of the investigation.

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