JET Poll: Dream Fulfilled or Deferred?

Later today, President Barack Obama will address the nation on this, the 50th Anniversary of the soul-searing, elegantly unfurled “I Have a Dream Speech.”

As USA Today’s Aamer Madhani notes, even if he chooses not to utter another word about race, our Commander-in-Chief’s caramel-colored complexion speaks directly to the fulfillment of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream.

But how close are we, really?

We are still reeling, as a community, from what many saw as an unfair verdict in the Trayvon Martin case. In fact, public figures–including Oprah– have referred to the slain teen as this generation’s Emmett Till.

Voters’ rights are in jeopardy in key areas of  the country.

Young Black men, in particular, are fighting inequitable treatment through stop-and-frisk policies.

And our streets are running with blood in major metros, due to the continuing ravages of the crack era.

But yet, there is so much promise.

African Americans are among the most optimistic about their economic future, according to a recent Pew poll. Racial backlash in response to Obama’s first term did not stop him from winning a second. Black excellence can be found in all areas of America from technology to advertising to entertainment and science.

So, what will you see when Obama delivers an address that we so wish King had lived to witness?

Will you be looking at a dream fulfilled or deferred?

Please let JET know what you think in comments or our  poll.