5-year-old Saves Blind Grandmother From Fire

*Photo: WWLTV

She’s only 5, but in the eyes of many, Cloe Woods of Louisiana is a hero.

The pre-K student led her blind grandmother to safety after their home caught on fire and it’s all thanks to a recent lesson learned at her school. During a field trip to the Kenner Fire Department in October, the group of students learned all about fires, preventative measures and how to secure safety if one broke out.

Little Cloe payed close attention and put the information to grand use when the stove caught on fire and set off the smoke alarm in her home.

Cloe’s mother, Shone Arceneaux, who was driving her older children to their carpool stop at the time, told WWL-TV that her daughter hopped out of bed and ran to her grandmother’s room and instructed her to hold her shoulder so they could get out of the house.

“She was running and telling the neighbors to call 911,” Arceneaux told reporters.

Thanks to Cloe, two lives were saved!