3 More Women Accuse Bill Cosby of Rape

Three more women have come forward, accusing comedian and America’s favorite dad Bill Cosby of rape.

The recent additions bring the roster of alleged sexual assault victims to a total of 41. During a conference with attorney Gloria Allred on Thursday, Janice Baker-Kinney, Marcella Tate and Autumn Burns all spoke out against the comedian. The women claimed Cosby assaulted them in the ’70s and ’80s.

Allred, who is representing a number of Cosby’s other victims, held the conference because the star “still refuses to acknowledge and take responsibility for his conduct towards women,” according to People. Janice Baker-Kinney says she was assaulted in 1982 by the star. The 24-year-old Harrah’s bartender was invited by a friend to a pizza party held at a house owned by the casino. Cosby offered her pills, and she woke up to him molesting her.

Marcella Tate says she was assaulted in 1975. The 25-year-old Wilhelmina model says Cosby gave her a drink while at the Playboy Mansion’s Chicago location. The next thing she remembered was him laying next to her in bed naked. The Playboy Mansion has been a frequent setting for the alleged assaults. Autumn Burns met Cosby at 20 during her stint as a game starter for Las Vegas’ Sahara casino in 1970. She says he invited her to his room one night after a performance, and made her something to drink. She felt woozy, and claims he abused her.

Cosby is currently promoting his “Far From Finished” tour. Allred held the conference in hopes of damaging tickets sales for the event.

A protest is scheduled for his next show at Altanta’s Cobb Centre on May 2.