12-Year-Old Black Girl Assaulted By Grown Racist White Women

What you are about to see is absolutely disgusting. A 12-year-old Black girl named Tia (last name withheld), was attacked by three White women who ambushed her and called her the n-word. The fight initially started between Tia and one of her classmates who had been butting heads for weeks.

Tia admitted that she and the girl agreed to fight and even chose a secluded ally way so that no one would know. Apparently, Tia’s opponent isn’t into fair fights. Tia was ambushed by three people, including her classmate and two adult women most likely in their 30s. Tia was held down and repeatedly punched, kicked and racially abused. The women were also said to shout out gang names.

Here’s the full story.

How sad is it that this 12-year-old girl said she’s used to being called racial slurs?

There’s no word on who was taping this incident but hopefully these foul human beings will be brought to justice.

Spotted at Bossip.