11,000 Women Are Considering Running for Public Office

We can call it the “Trump Effect.” Recently, Emily’s List, a progressive organization dedicated to electing Democratic women of color, told the Washington Post 11, 000 women reached out to them about their interest in running for public office.

Throughout all of 2016, 900 women told the organization they were considering a run at public office, but now that we’re only four months into 2017, more than 12 times that amount are giving the idea some strong consideration.

Emily’s List president, Stephanie Schriock, said, “This is unprecedented.”

The public office positions most of the women are interested in are for local school boards, state legislatures and Congress.

Schriock thinks House races could also be up for grabs which could make a big difference.

If you paid attention to the Women’s March in January, this sudden uptick in women being more interested and active in politics may not be a surprise. The march stretched across the globe and has become the largest inaugural protest in history.

Many women’s rights issues are hot topics right now, and women are not the ones making any decisions.

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand told Refinery29, “It’s a very intense time. There are so many issues that demand immediate action.”

Gillibrand is a huge supporter of grassroots activism for women in politics.

“Most of the resistance is from people standing up demanding action, demanding change, so I’m just part of something that’s larger than myself.”

The 2018 mid-term elections are going to be crucial for this country’s political landscape as well as for this current administration. With more women on the ballot, we might possibly get the change when want when it comes to our rights.