10-year-old Pepper-Sprayed By Police

A 10-year-old boy was pepper sprayed by a police officer Wednesday night during protests in Minneapolis for teen Tony Robinson who was fatally shot by an officer.

Taye Montgomery and his mother, Susan Montgomery were among a group of 10 when an officer flashed lights on them and proceeded to pepper-spray the small child along with the entire group.

One member of the group tried to alert the officer that he had sprayed the boy, but he was quickly ignored.

Taye was later taken to a nearby hotel to have milk poured in his eyes to help with the stinging.

The Minneapolis police department’s Office of Police Conduct Review have launched an investigation into the incident.

In a press release on Thursday, Police Chief Janne Harteau called for witnesses come forward to help with their investigation.

“It is critical for everyone involved that we complete a thorough investigation, so I need the public’s help,” said Harteau “We must have the full set of facts.”