YG Brings the West Coast to Carnival but at What Cost?

Hit or miss?

As native of Brooklyn with a Jamaican father, this Caribbean wave you all speak of is not new to me, or any New Yorker for that matter. The island rhythms are as much apart of our (at least many of us) genetic makeup as YG is to Compton. The West Coast rapper combines the two in an interesting way in his latest video for “Pop It, Shake It.”

Filming the video during Trinidad & Tobago Carnival, one of the most massive carnivals of them all, is not far fetched as wining, daggering, and pelting is definitely relative to the his lyrics of choice. However, I fear pairing T&T with this visual will belittle carnival-goers to “bootie shakers in scantily clad clothing,” when it’s so much more! Carnival is culture and freedom. It’s an ode to a country, a celebration of history, life, love and loyalty, adorned by fascinating costumes, incredible food and beautiful people. YG seems to be enjoying all of the above, riding up the road in a droptop SUV.

The DJ Mustard produced track is the first single off of YG’s forthcoming album Know Your Worth. Check out “Pop It, Shake It” and let us know what you think below.